Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Already July!?!

Last month was lost in trade show, fiber show and working bliss:)  So here we are into July already.  And with July we have just finished round two of our Community Sock Club (round three to start in the fall).  Our total focus is now on Sock Summit!!  Our yarns will be in the Twisted booths (#201 & #300) and so will we throughout the weekend.  You can also find Deb teaching on Saturday afternoon and there will be a PAD "Spin U" team for the Fleece to Foot challenge on Sunday.  We are super excited about the challenge.  The charity we will be raising money for is The American Heart Association.  Our goal is $1000.  Keep checking back here at the blog.  We will have our donation button up soon!  Every dollar helps.  And you know there will have to be incentives;)
Here is a pretty little colorway that you will be able to find at Sock Summit this year--

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  1. looking for more of stevie sparkles "raddichio", bought at "Fancy Tiger" denver. just about to run our and a few rows to go on "Vitamin D" sweater. do you know where i can get some? do u have any left?